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    No skills? Free online trading school is there to help you

    The economy crash and burn, people are laid off, big players in financial markets lose great amounts of money. Not really a great time to start day trading? Actually, the reality might be just a bit different. While the world situation might not be the best, it is good to start new businesses, buy real estate and as long as you know what you are doing, it’s also great time to start trading stocks and forex. However, without the appropriate knowledge and skills about financial markets, their inst... Continue reading

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    End of month and need a loan?

    Hangover. Again. I remember last night there was a great party, lots of girls, lots of booze, and if I remember correctly, I paid for all of it. But if I tell you the truth, I really wouldn’t know, I don’t remember much of it. I know a friend of mine mentioned today that I had been way too generous last night. After checking my credit card I discover a big zero in there. I don’t really mind the zero, it’s okay, but unfortunately my next payday is in a week. Each of us has had s... Continue reading

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    5 Traits of Highly Effective Financiers

    This is a guest post by Heather Johnson.Every young entrepreneur wants to be the next Warren Buffett. Dreams of emerging from humble beginnings to become world’s the next eccentric billionaire are a dime a dozen in this day and age. However, few aspiring investors take the time to really evaluate how the successful became so, dismissing them as fiscal savants, economic prophets, or simply lucky bastards. While this glib revisionism can be comforting to those who never ach... Continue reading

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    What is going to happen next?

    Firstly, sorry for no updates for couple of days, been busy with some other things. But as a next thing you can expect some reviews of possible forex platforms with low spreads plus analysis of the forex market. Okay, actually I haven't been too busy with anything, just my change of moods is the keyword here, but will try to get my act together soon :) CheersSiim ... Continue reading

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    Creating a trading plan

    Creating your own trading plan is one of the most important things you will do before starting to trade. The second one would be following your plan at all times. First thing to do is to learn to know yourself, as this makes it easier to create a trading plan that actually would fit YOU. You need to understand your own emotions, why you do things and what affects you. You need to understand your own psyche. You need to know about yourself to keep the emotions (fear & greed) as far from you... Continue reading

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    Results of the trading competitions and next week

    Simply put, the trading competition went straight to hell. Ok, it wasn't that bad, but during the 4 weeks the competition lasted I only traded on two days, altogether made 12 trades. Out of which 7 were winning trades and 5 were losing trades. Overally I produced no profit, but rather a small minus. Why? Two main reasons. When doing those trades I did them for the simple reason of doing trades not based on some great analysis. I just didn't feel I'm capable of doing the trades just not yet, bu... Continue reading

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    Trading rules - something new to think about

    I have talked about money management and trading rules before. Now, instead of repeating the old things, here are some new things to consider. Making trades vs taking profitWhen making trades don't think about profit. Only think whether the certain trade would be a successful one. If you make the trade because you have a desire to make profit then it tends to become an emotional trade and that's not good. Rather, make the trade because your analysis show it would be a successful one, not becau... Continue reading

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    The game of probabilities

    In this post I have no intention to dive deep into this topic. However, I think it would be interesting to look at the market as a game of probabilities. Good poker players use the probability theory all the time. They know what is the % probability that one or another starting hand has won in the past, they know the probablilty of making their hand after the flop and so on. They also consider the probability of someone bluffing, considering how a certain player has played before, how he has d... Continue reading

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    What does Straddle mean?

    If you’ve been learning about investing/trading but still without enough knowledge about it all, you probably have seen this term (straddle) mentioned in various places without actually knowing what it’s all about. Same here. But I think it’s good time to change that.Straddle is a strategy of options trading. It means that the investor holds a position in both – call and put option with the same strike price and expiration date.This strategy is used when an investor thinks that the price of a ... Continue reading

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    How to find and confirm a trend?

    In my past posts I have talked a lot about trends and that you should always buy or sell short in the direction of trend. What I have not talked about is how to actually identify an existing trend. In this post I will try to give you some idea how a trend existance can be confirmed. Firstly, what is a trend? A trend simply indicates that there’s more willing buyers than sellers or vice versa. There’s three main trends – upwards, downwards and sideways movement. Upwards and downward trends can ... Continue reading

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    Different look into trading and life in general

    I’m a keen supporter of the idea that one should not depend on emotions when making business, poker or investing decisions. I’m also a firm believer that life doesn’t neccessarily need to be difficult nor bad. It’s the way you want it to be. Life’s the way you make it to be. I’m gonna talk about a book I read recently – „The Zurich Axioms” by Max Gunther. Many of the spoken about there might contradict my current thoughts and views on life, trading and everything related, but we need to keep o... Continue reading

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    Introduction to Swing Trading

    Swing trading is a style of trading that tries to capture gains within 2 day to few weeks. So this is a short-term trading style where traders must act rather quickly in order to find potentialy big moves in stocks. This style is mainly used by individuals as large institutions can often not act that fast. Swing trading is trading in the direction of a trend – before entering a trade you wait for a pullback and you enter the trade only if you see signs that the price will continue in the direc... Continue reading

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    More trading rules

    Remember that keeping the big picture in mind is important. Big picture shows you that that there are times when you make small profit, times when you take small losses and also times when you take big profits. Keeping the big picture in mind helps you to remember that one losing trade is just one losing trade and with a good system in place you will still be winning on the big picture over time. One trade is one of many trades you make and while you should make every trade like it was your mo... Continue reading

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    Common sense trading rules (Michael Jenkins)

    In my previous post about Michael Jenkins and his theories I talked about his general theories (as much as I understood them). Here I would like to bring in some of his thoughts on common sense trading. While I do not neccessarily agree with all his weird theories, he does tell about different nuances of trading that actually are rather useful. Two of his main trading rulesDivision of capital. This is is one of the most crucial ones. Like couple of days ago I was touring around investing forum... Continue reading

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    Emotional vs rational trading

    First off, when making your trading decisions, stay away from your emotions. Decisions based on your emotions are hardly every right. If you have a strong gut feeling that a certain stock will go up or down then, unless it’s based on your analysis, forget about it. And even if you have made your decision based on what you saw on the chart or based on what the fundamental analysis told you, at all times it’s your responsibility to keep yourself emotion-free. Why? I guess it’s the most simp... Continue reading

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    Learn to do your maths

    Before you get into actual investing, be sure to put down your expectations about possible ROI ( return of investment ). And most importantly, learn to do it right. I was just asking about the possibility of making 3% of your capital per day in one forum. The answer was that it’s not really possible with stocks. I claimed that is it not possible – lets say you have $100k to play with, you make 10 trades per day, you manage to make 7 trades out of 10 winning ones. Each trade ... Continue reading

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    Learning from winnings AND losses

    Before going back to technical analysis I think we need to talk about dealing with losses (and winnings). I believe I will come back to this topis over and over again. Investing, trading and even gambling is in big part a psychological game. Can you stay focused if you are losing money? Can you learn from losing money? Can you take it as a positive thing? Many expert advise you to take your winnings and losses not as % or dollar amounts, but rather as points. You are collecting points in order... Continue reading

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    What are sideways movements?

    Sideway movements are movements where the price is pretty much the same and the changes are only rather small, where the prices change only within a few percentage area. Sideways movements can last anywhere between a week to couple of months and it can substitute a secondary trend. Once the price comes out of the sideways movements, depending on whether the line has moved up or down of the sideways fluctuation area, this should show the direction of the next bigger intermediate price swing. Of... Continue reading

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    Importance of volume

    Volume is also a very important factor in looking at the trends and such. Volume should increase in the direction of the primary trend. If the primary trend is present then the volumes should decrease during the counter-swings to the primary trend. Keep in mind though that volume is only the second important indicator of a trend of trend reversal, price the primary indicator. If the volume changes confirms with price changes then  there’s a great possibility that your observations about t... Continue reading

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    Bull Market and bear market

    What is a Bull Market?Bull market is a market where people expect rapid increase in the value of their financial investments. Bull market is characterized by optimism, rising stock prices and belief that stock values will rise in short-term future. Bull market often comes after a lengthy decline. What is a Bear MarketBear market is a market where people expect a rapid decrease in the value of their financial investments. Bear market is the opposite to Bull Market. Bull or Bear markets can last... Continue reading

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    How to analyse stocks and forex?

    For analysing stocks or currencies, two different analysis methods are used – technical analysis and fundamental analsysis. While I will go deeper into these subjects soon, here’s just a general overview for you.What is technical analysis? When you hear the term technical analysis then this means a set of principles and analytical tools. Those principles and technical tools are used to analyse and to make predictions about the market, be it stock market, forex, futures or anything else. Techni... Continue reading

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    Which online trading platform to choose?

    I apologise to those are now more interested in long-term investements and starting with sums $10k+ as when writing this I mainly consider my own possible portfolio size which will be anywhere between $1000 - $5000. But many things I mentioned here can be applied to bigger accounts as well.  There are couple of things you need to consider when choosing your trading platform, whether we’re talking about forex or stocks:- How reliable a company is. The easiest way to go here would just... Continue reading

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    How do I set my financial goals

    I’ll tell you upfront – even though I’m not trading yet I know exactly what I want o achieve. And to many my goals might not sounds reasonable at all. Like mentioned in my previous post, I will most likely be day trading on both – stock market and foreign exchange and I expect to get a minimum of 3% ROI per day for 20 days each month. So when you look at it like that....20*3 = 60% ROI per month. And this includes all commissions as well, only tax will go off from this sum. Actually the to... Continue reading

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    Investing basics - think before you act

    Before starting investing you need to put on paper couple of very basic but at the same time very important things. Firstly – how much money do you have for investing? What is the initial sum you can afford to put into market? How much could you add to your investing portfolio every month? Whether we have a lot or just a little money – when we take a deep look at our money management we can pretty much always see that there is some money that could be used to put into your investing portfolio ... Continue reading

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    Learning to invest

    Welcome to It's a website meant to help everyone out there to learn investing - independent of whether you're interested in stocks or forex, whether long term or short term or day trading. Learning To Invest is sort of meant to be a blog. I have decided to learn to play on financial markets myself and independent of which exact market I will start investing in mainly, there is really so much to learn and many of the things need to be known by traders in all markets - ge... Continue reading

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